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New Gas Boiler Installation

We provide full service and installation services for regular gas boilers, combi boilers and system boilers. No matter what type of boiler you’re considering installing or servicing, feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

We carry out site visits and give our advice and recommendations. Often upgrades or replacements may be suggested to make the system and boiler more efficient, and we always offer a free estimate. All new gas boilers will be registered with Gas Safe and Building Control. Any electrical work will be carried out by an approved electrician. We fit and service all heating related components.
The more efficient your boiler is, the more money you will save on your gas bill. Today, most central heating boilers are modern ‘condensing boilers’. They are considerably more energy efficient than boilers from only a few years ago. They use less gas and your radiators stay warmer, cutting down on the amount of gas needed. Condensing boilers are also better for the environment. If you also have thermostatic radiator valves fitted and digital programmers you have much greater control over your heating system.

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New LPG Boiler Installation

LPG or “liquified petroleum gas” boilers are experiencing increasing popularity right now. This isn’t all too surprising. They improve efficiency to over 90% and can reduce your existing heating bills by 30%.
Some people feel that this type of boiler isn’t an option for them, as they may not have access to the right natural gas network. But if this is the case, we can install an onsite LPG supply. Our engineers will install a concrete base, tank, and fuel line to your appliance.
All tanks, whether you opt for above ground or underground storage, can be fitted with a telemetry unit, which records your gas usage and lets you know when your supply needs to be replenished. Your Liquefied Petroleum Gas can then be supplied in the form of replaceable cylinders or by bulk delivery direct to a permanent storage tank. If you opt for a storage tank, your telemetry unit will let your supplier know when you require a delivery.