Whether your boiler is new or
old, regular servicing is essential


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Boiler Servicing

No matter what type of boiler you have, it’s recommended that you have an annual service carried out. A quality boiler service will prolong the lifespan of your boiler by ensuring that your current system is operating to peak performance. The service will also help to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. So, schedule your annual boiler service to ensure a safe, efficient, and economical home heating system.

Why should you have your boiler serviced?


Keep you and your family safe – People die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning through incorrectly installed and faulty gas appliances, which are never checked.


Reduce the risk of costly boiler breakdowns – Leaving you with no heating and no hot water.

Improve efficiency – Improve the efficiency of your boiler and reduce your energy bills.

Maintenance – Maintain the terms and conditions of your boiler warranty and manufacturers guarantee.

Boiler Repairs

If you’re having problems with your boiler, we’ll be able to quickly diagnose and repair it – no matter what type of boiler it is. We only use the best quality components and all of our work is covered by a 30-day labour and 1-year parts guarantee.
Remember, it’s recommended that you replace your boiler every ten years. This is because boilers begin to waste valuable energy after this time period. If you need a new boiler, one of our engineers will be able to fit one for you.

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